May 26, 2017

Move On

Here's the truth.

Being nice, paying attention, spending time together, always there and good treatment are not everything. You can hold on and waiting but deep down, you're fighting with yourself, self-denial (you think there is still a chance and he got the same feeling too) and your expectation that he needs you and he just doesn't realise it yet. He may look at you, smile at you and care for you but he is just being nice. You can't beat his ego and the wall he build up between both of you because you're not the one he wants. You are someone, a friend and he just chose you to be the one who he can rely on and coming back again and again when he needs a rest stop to take a break and have fun outside from his own world (where you're not there). He needs a partner to fill in the lonely times and a trusted person to guide him. Kawan lah katakan... kan?

There is a fine line between friendship and relationship. There is flirtationship; more than a friendship but less than a relationship. I mistook all our laughs, long nights, sweet texts and jokes as you caring. He is just being nice... again. 

Everyone deserves to be happy. He deserves to be happy too. He loves her and he wants her. He sees his future with her so he puts his efforts on that. He knows he has unexpectedly hurts you but things just got complicated and it wasn't supposed to end like this. Also, why should he gives up on the girl he loves when this is about his life. He has waited long enough and he promise himself to hold the girl till jannah. You know he is serious because "a man only fights for a girl he wants to belong to".

Allah knows best. Allah has a better plan. Allah loves you! La Tahzan, Innallaha Ma'ana.

You're not giving up on him but it's him who gave up on you. It's hard and it hurts so much. The heart aches and tears fall like rain. Just cry until it goes away because we know that it's built up anger and emotions that you've been holding in for too long. And there's a time when you're at your lowest point and you don't need people to console you or not even saying a warmth word. All you need is a hug.

Dear, all of us get broken in some way but what really matters is how we get back up and put the pieces back together. Why bother to put up with him when you're not the priority. Let it go and move on. Redha kan hati dan berdoa pada Allah. Take your time and ignore the past. It's okay to block all the links and it doesn't mean that you are being childish or immature. No, you don't hate him. It is just a way for you to be strong and focus on yourself. Because you've had enough. More than enough. 

Truth is... it is not easy and you may fall harder because no matter how strong you are, at some point you will hit the rock bottom, and it will feel like the world is collapsing beneath your feet. But the only person who can get you back on the surface is YOURSELF!! Trust me, everything is gonna be okay. And everything happens for a reason. Trust Allah ❤

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
- Albert Einstein -

June 10, 2016

MMU Cyberjaya (Hostel)

Hi Assalammualaikum!

I'm back! Okay now baru ada masa nak share pasal hostel MMU since ramai dah tanya maaf baru berkesempatan nak kongsi. Basically MMU ada 4 bangunan hostel yg dipanggil HB1, HB2, HB3 dan HB4. Untuk girls are HB3 & HB4 while for boys are HB1 & HB2. Fyi, hostel perempuan lebih dekat dgn faculty compared dgn hostel lelaki yang jauh jgk lah. Sekarang hostel bukan under MMU lagi means company lain yang take over and handle. Untuk payment pun korang kena bayar sendiri dkt no account yang disediakan. Hostel ada 4 tingkat and sekarang (so far tapi lepas ni tak sure) dorang dah samakan harga untuk each floor. Kalau dulu, lagi tinggi bilik lagi murah tapi sekarang no more.

Harga ikut jenis bilik. Kalau bilik berdua is RM350 and kalau bilik bertiga is RM250 include bil api, air and wifi. Tapi jangan expect wifi laju sangat lah. Zaman foundation aku dulu yes, internet laju gila. Kau boleh download 10 movies sehari tp sekarang nk download lecturer notes pun amik masa sikit. Kalau dpt bilik berdua kira rezeki lah sbb mmg hot selling skit bilik berdua since mostly senior mmg conquer (senior kan nak privasi hahaha). Dalam bilik ada katil, whiteboard, meja belajar, kipas siling and almari. Kalau bilik bertiga, satu katil sorang and satu katil double decker.

Add on sikit. Aku start degree first year terus duduk luar sbb masa tu dorang tgh renovate hostel so probability nk dpt hostel tu susah since dorang akan utamakan intake baru dan bdk jauh. And sampai lah habis degree aku duduk luar. For me, memang lagi best duduk rumah sewa sbb rasa mcm wow student gila, bebas and rasa independant tapi kena ingat jgk yg sewa rumah kat sini boleh tahan tinggi bayarannya and you need a car. Selain tu, kalau nak sewa rumah kena bayar deposit sebulan sewa + sebulan utility. First rumah sewa aku dulu was townvilla dkt Cyberia which is 2.5k per month. Masa tu kitaorg sewa berlapan selama 2 tahun. Then kitaorg pindah Pinggiran Cyber sbb aunty tu nak naikkan harga sewa jadi 3k. Rumah baru nie pun boleh tahan mahal. Rumah teres setingkat je - half furnished and the rent is 1.6k kongsi berenam. Tapi kitaorg sewa ikut bilik and aku dpt bilik sorang so mahal sikit lah. Tapi korang don't worry too much lah nanti kena keluar ke tak dpt hostel ke apa. As long as korang apply and perbaharui application hostel (every sem) and selagi korang tak check out hostel, korang mmg dapat hostel. Tak perlu nak active persatuan ke apa. Okay?

So here, I share gambar bilik bertiga since hari tu teman member pergi check in hostel so just in case parents nak tengok keadaan hostel, ada showroom disediakan. Tapi, jangan expect hostel MMU cantik gila mcm dalam filem Adik Manja The Returns (yes, dorang shoot dkt MMU Cyberjaya). For me, hostel MMU okay and selesa je. Setahun dkt sana boleh je survive. Btw, ada dobi dan cafe disediakan. Kedai photostat/print pun ado. And yes, hostel dia mcm hostel sekolah yg bilik air kt luar tapi terjaga lah sebab everyday ada cleaner bersihkan. Btw, cafe ada dkt hostel lelaki so kalau rajin boleh lah korang menapak pergi sana. Korang boleh enter hostel lelaki and lelaki boleh enter hostel perempuan tapi setakat sampai ground floor je lah. And sini takde curfew so nak balik tengah pagi pun boleh (okay pernah buat dan selalu je lebih2 lagi ada kereta sendiri kan zaman muda keluar lepak mak ayah tak tahu hahahaha ini dipanggil zaman jahiliah! kihkihkih) 

Oh btw korang sangat disarankan untuk bawa kipas sendiri sbb mmg panas. Kipas yg disediakan alahai tak terasa pun especially kalau dpt katil atas. Heater and iron boleh bawa tp be careful lah. Kalau lah in case ada buat spotcheck, redha je lah tp hari tu akk tu kata boleh je bawa asalkan tak melebihi certain walt (tak ingat berapa). 

Double decker bedroom. Dulu aku dapat katil bawah haha

Study table and rak yg kitaorg selalu guna utk simpan stok makanan

Yes, almari dia kecik so bertabahlah kalau ada banyak baju.