November 20, 2012

English Class: Poem

On a certain day in January
In a very convincing morning
Born a holy child
Made mama smiled
and papa cried
Too happy, too excited
For her presence.

She is something
Too special, too expensive
The only papa's little girl
and mama's bestfriend
Only herself
World and planet dance and sing.

The ship could shrink
The sun said goodbye
No more oxygen, no more sunlight
Showing how precious she is
As a child to her mama and papa.

100% invented by me (cewah mentang2 belajar creative studies). A poem I was forced to write during my english class. No so cool, not so great. Just nice. But! The best part is.... Miss Sharliza said it was nice and she liked it! Dia boleh rasa the feeling of the poem! Deep jugak writing aku eh? Haha terus mintak tau kertas aku sebab dia nak simpan!

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